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Why Sell On Ebay - Because I have been using it for Years.

First off, Ebay is a SECURE Site. Ebay uses a Secure Certificate (SSL)
Secure Socket Layer, this means Ebay has Secure Incription on it's Site. Trading on Ebay with their SSL means your interactions on the site are INCRIPTED, safe as one can have from Hackers
Look for https:// in your Browser. (S) in https:// equals secure, no (S) = Not a Secure Web Site for online monetary transactions

The Ebay marketplace is fairly large so there’s already a built in community of avid buyers and collectors familiar with the Ebay designs for a seller to tap into.
As a result, selling on Ebay is a great way for the client to validate our authenticity.

Validation is easy, a client can check feedback comments on previous sales, very usefull for International buyers.
Buyer protection on transactions with payment and postage policys through our Store is a requirement of Ebay, thus giving the client a secure environment to shop within.

Main Abbreviations

An abbreviation is a reference to the item condition that is for sale
Below are the Abbreviations that are pretty much what all Australian Sellers use.

MNH = "Mint Never Hinged" with original gum without any gum disturbance

MLH = "Mint Lightly Hinged" with original gum that shows slight marks from previous hinging or a small unobtrusive hinge remnant

M = "Mint" with original gum, that has significant marks from 1 or more hinges, or the actual hinge remains present

UN = "Unused" without gum

VFU = "Very Fine Used" with either a clear neat cancel or a neat corner cds, well centred for issue with nice perfs, and 4 margins on imperfs

FU = "Fine Used" still an attractive stamp with a fairly neat average cancel for issue, may be somewhat off centred, perfs may be slightly irregular or imperfs may have less than 4 margins.

FU - CTO = "Fine Used" - "Cancelled To Order" This terminology is a reference to issues supplied by Australia Post, a stamp with a cancellation, never used with FULL gum

GU = "Good Used" an average used stamp that may have a heavy or smudged cancel or minor blemishes from postal use

CTO = "Cancelled To Order"
(note: VFU or FU stamps may in fact be CTO)

Mostly F-VF = when a set or collection is described thus it means that some stamps are lower quality so not F or VF, or have faults etc